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Climate actions

“We must learn not to be so greedy. Not to waste power, not to waste food, not to waste space and crucially not to waste time.”

Sir David Attenborough

19 02 20

The Blue Planet

3 One Year Programmes




Efficient​ Energy


Money Strategy

New Curriculum 

Launching on 12 09 20 


Artists actioning change

with creative projects.

People around the world are already making changes, so we don't need to reinvent the wheel. There are millions of wheels, but we do need them on

the same vehicle going in the right direction!

In alignment with the

 For Sustainable Development

Now is a time of change, using creative solutions that respect nature.

Lets have fun!

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The first seed of the idea was formed by artist Paula Barnard-Groves on 01 03 20. Details on initial projects and partnerships coming soon!

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